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Hello all,

I am looking to purchase the AHA+ after reading all the reviews on how great the product is. I just had a bunch of questions.

1. How bad is the purging phase? I used MaMa and NuCelle, and those phases lasted about a few weeks.

2. How effective is this treatment versus redmarks? I have some marks that are 6-12 months old!

3. My skin is about 95% clear, with acne only remaining/occurring on the right side of my neck. Will it be worth it to use the AHA+ and go through the purging process?

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Your questions are hard to answer. I say this because everyone is different and everyone will have a different experience when using AHA, it just depends on your skin.

I've been using the AHA for about a week now, and I didn't purge at all. Although, I'm on Dan's regimen and am using BP, and have been for almost a month now. So, I'd say if you are on Dan's regimen, your chances of purging are significantly less than others who aren't on a specific skin care regimen.

As far as the red marks go, the AHA may very well help them heal and fade faster. "Alpha hydroxy acid powerfully exfoliates and helps bring new skin cells to the surface, which can most definitely help the complexion appear smoother"-Dan. Once again, everyone is different and the time that it takes for red spots to go away varies.

Whether or not it will be worth using AHA as you put it is completely up to you. Others can't say or answer this for you. If you are worried about the acne on the side of your check, then I'd recommend using the AHA. But, I can't guarantee you won't purge. In my opinion, isn't it better to purge and be done with it and have clear skin versus having persistent acne?

Just out of curiousity, what skin care regimen are you currently following?

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Thank you for the reply JillyKins.

I am currently 95% clear, but on no regimen. I only cleanse with a Jojoba oil/tea tree oil soap in the morning and night, and then moisturize with Jojoba oil at night before sleep. I used to use MaMa and NuCelle, as stated above, and after I quit using those (about a year ago?) I broke out, but my skin has calmed down significantly since then. I pretty much only have red marks, and just acne that reoccurs in on the right side of my neck. The main fear I have with an AHA+ is that I will have to use it forever, which is why I stopped using acne products altogether. I had amazing results, and my skin was 100% clear, but I had to stop using it because it was too much out of my pocket. After I quit, I broke out a little bit everywhere, but like I said, it's settled down. Maybe I'm growing out of it, but no one can be too sure.

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