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Snail Serum and Rose Hip Oil for scars.

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Has anyone tried them? Results? Sounds good to me.

heya, ive used products containing snail serum in the past. ive never used rosehip oil though. heres a copy of a review i wrote several months back.


I used bioskincare and elicina (another snail cream) for around 6 months. Bioskincare is definitely better (left a nicer skin tone) than the elicina. I stocked up and purchased 5 jars of bioskincare and 3 jars of elicina.

They really didnt do anything for my indented scars. I have enlarged pores, very minor pitted scars and some more moderate boxscars and I can effectively say, it didnt do anything. I applied it morning and night and rubbed it in deeply each time to stimulate collagen growth and the breakdown of scar tissue. Unfortunately, it didnt do anything and doesnt get rid of old scars. Any pimples I did get in that period, which I picked also scarred, so as a scarring preventative, it also doesnt work.

You are all more than welcome to try it, however I gave it my best shot, applying a substancial quantity over a long period of time, for smaller scars than most and didnt see any results. I am only being honest. Its best to save up for something that will help a bit more. I question the other postive posters here and ask, did you really see improvement or do you work for a company selling the product?


If you are looking for more reviews - here is a link

all the best mate :)


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