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Pores Blocked with White Stringy Stuff?

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Constantly if I squeeze the pores on my cheeks, chin, nose, between my eyebrows white stringy stuff will come out. I could do this every morning whilst washing my face and there's always loads that come out.

What's causing this, should I even bother doing this? The problem is whilst these aren't visible unless you are really close up, I think this is what is causing some of the noticable acne I get.

In addition to this I also get plugs which are a bit larger than the white stringy stuff which comes out of my pores, and actual acne spots.

Can somebody pleasee help me on what's going on here?

I have pretty dry skin after washing my face because I end up washing it for so long whilst getting rid of this stuff.

I don't really use cleanser/moosturiser/exfoliator although I have done on/off before, because I was worried the moisturiser was making things worse and clogging up the pores even more?

It's like a vicious circle, is the dry skin causing problems, or is the moisturiser?

Any information will be of great help, I just want to get into a nice routine, rather than spending half an hour each morning washing my face emptying my pores.

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Stop! I really wouldn't recommend doing this. You are damaging your pores, and the earlier you stop the better. Although this white stuff is disgusting, it is best not to touch it. The white stuff is collected sebum, basically a mixture of oil, dead skin, and some bacteria. Most of this collected sebum is dormant, and can become active if you mess with it. Usually, if you have this, your skin is oily. The only way to get rid of this without harming your skin is to wait. Unfortunately, as teenagers-young adults, we have messed up hormones that will only recover with time. Anyways, even if you do squeeze out the sebum, it will return within a few days, leaving you in a worse position then in the first place.

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so how will it go away if its not extracted? low dose accutane has not heled

When your hormonal teenage skin goes away, your body will regain it's balance and remove the extra sebum naturally. For some people, this happens when they're 18; for others, when they're 30. We just have to wait for our body's to finish this awkward phase.

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