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:( i hate acne

Will the dryness ever stop?

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Hey everyone,

I have only just dicovered this website a few minutes ago an so far i am really pleased with everything i'm reading and all the help and support everyone is giving.

I'm currently using Benzoyl Peroxide prescibed from my doctor but its 5%.

Is 5% just as good as 2.5%, because my face has dried out incredibly and now my face is covered in wrinkles where my skin has shrivelled up.

And will my skin ever get used to it?

Oh and one last thing, i spoke to a pharmacist in boots and they gave me DiproBase cream to put on my face, does anyone use this, and will it make my acne worse?


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2.5% is much less drying than 5% I think but with a really good moisturizer (like Dan's) and perhaps also something like jojoba oil you should be able to eliminate most or all of your dryness.

If you wanna clear up on the Acne.org Regimen you shouldn't put on anything other than what Dan recommends, I don't know what DiproBase is but a cleanser, BP, and a moisturizer is all you need, unless you need jojoba oil too of course which is a really nice thing to add to the Regimen. Read through the website really carefully and you'll find answers to your questions and how to clear up. Hope this helps.

About 5% BP:


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