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Dan the man making own acne kits

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I stumbled upon this site about year ago and was skeptical at first since a average joe type of person created this site and was able to create his own product line from own acne experience.. and probally lot of business knowledge and make it a sucess... I don't know all the in's and out's how he did it but the product works great and sometimes exceeds big name companies...

So my question is... how hard is creating an acne product that works... is it pretty much like just adding reccomended ingredients and trial and error... I'm wondering how much research went into creating the Benzoly peroxide which works great... as opposed to bigger companies putting in the R/D.

I'm just suprised that so many people come here as opposed to a name brand type of company ...

Is it basically because Dan is your average cool guy that people can relate to and his products work while name brand companies are all about profits and mass commercializing?

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I think a lot of companies have the motto "money first" and they put shitty ingredients in their products and fragrances because it will sell to the average consumer more. I really think Dan does care about people, and he wants to get rid of acne. His ingredients are all simple and extremely effective. Plus, the regimen does not require using his products. He never says his products are better than any others...only people who use his products say that :cool:

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