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I was on ROACCUTANE 10mg for about 6-7 months

and now stopped it

7 months ago after stopping it

i still have foot pain and the same area you mentioned

i can't stand for too long

GOOD LUCK with your Roaccutane

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hey happy bday :)

You could try some fish oils for the spine pain, i havent been taking them since i've been lucky and havent had any joint pains, but they're suppose to help.

best of luck!

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Hey from my understanding normal fish oil contains little to no vitamin a or d

It's just cod liver oil that contains high amounts

Also im a guy btw :)

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My mum was against accutane as well, which is why I never completed my first treatment.. Am on my second treatment now (Just like you!) and going to complete it this time!

Omg, you said "it feels like an ant crawls on your face" , this is exactly what I have as well! And it's completely random, I try not to touch it and pad it with my shoulder/shirt haha I think I have a similar type of acne as you...

I'll be checking you log for updates!

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thanks for your posts =D

I hope your accutane is working and I just ordered emu oil based on your recommendation to clear some of these awful red marks and scars I have post - treatment.

As for your trip to Greece... I went through a same problem with a school trip of my own. We were going to New york city and I really didn't want to go because of my breakouts. I ended up not going, so I just stayed home sulking, always looking at my face in the mirror. After everyone got home tons of people messaged me saying they missed me and was bummed I didn't go. This made me realize that my friends don't give a damn about what my skin looks like. And if someone wants to judge me based on my skin without knowing meeting me then screw them. I don't want to be friends with people like them anyway.

Hope my advice helps ^^ =D good luck and God bless

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