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We can rebuild him, we have the technology!

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alritey then, let me explain, thx to some wonderful advice over my last horrendous week( u know who u r), im gonna attempt to go on a 'positive spree' of sorts, ill force myself to look at the positive things in my life every day and maybe they WILL outweigh my negative ones, and im thinking if i can keep it up for about a week, ill be me again and being dumped for being ugly wont be such a big deal to me...maybe..scratch that, definitely!

however, im the emotional type, so id love as many ideas as you all have on boosting my confidence and keep it going that way! so that if i run low on ideas to keep myself motivated, i can borrow some of yours (ill give them back! ill even put up my acne as collateral if ud like)

for tomorrow, i have a very short shift, and my ex desnt work tomorrow anyways, plus the weeknders are all on my side (cuz theyre guyz; no offence girls, ive met some wonderful girls here but the women at my work...oye :D) I think ill have a good shift tomorrow, and then ill go out with my friends, and listen to upbeat dance music (my fav after rock) all day. And maybe ill have a game of badminton at the gym, that always helped me before!

Hate to sound like a leech but im counting on you support as well as my mindset, guys! help me out!:D

P.S. i think the very first step is for me to never post in my 'confidence shattered' post again, ill leave it up so any newcomers know what kind of a fool i am :D

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by the way, lol, u guys will notice that i like to add a lot of quirky (essentially lame) jokes into my posts and titles, thats cuz i wanna be a famous writer someday!! ill make it big and dedicate my second book to everyone here (first to my dad and grandfather who got me started on writing), the names here will be hilarious to read in a dedication, no?

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Interestingly, studies have found that the facial muscles can dictate our moods. So, if you're not feeling happy you should smile for a few minutes. That sends a signal to your brain that you're supposed to be happy and will actually make you feel better!

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