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hey! was wondering how you used your neem oil/oregano oil/ lavendar oils.

was is a spot treatment? all over? a mixture?



i have had some really good success using neem oil. It can be used as a spot treatment but i use it all over as a preventative also, it realllly helps with inflammation. You could use it as a carrier oil for lavendar and oregano if you wish. I think they can both be applied directly as a spot treatment too. I tried oregano and didn't care for it (it burns and smells really strong) and lavender i dont know.. But neem is definitely good just make sure to get organic. it does smell too, i only used it at night. Maybe using neem at night and lavender/tea tree oil in the morning? I actually bought this neem cream to use in the morning and it has all kinds of other good things in it that i LOVE by Tattvas herbals. its not cheap though...but hey, it's working!

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I like neem oil for inflammation-- it is really stinky, though! I used it during the summer when I had a really bad breakout with hideous scars from my incessant picking. The oil seemed to help heal the scars and reduce inflammation. It also helped repel bugs... ha! My now-ex was extremely offended by it, so I stopped using it.

If it weren't for the stink, I'd use it more often...

I'm trying out manuka oil & kanuka oil right now (both are antibacterial like tea tree oil but not as tough on sensitive skin). Manuka oil, like the honey, is supposed to be good for fighting antibiotic resistant infections. Both oils remind me of tea tree, but have a more piney smell.

I have tamanu oil which seems good for scarring. It has an "earthy" smell. I have emu oil which seems good as an overall moisturizer and doesn't smell like anything to me. I put a drop or two of the manuka oil into a dime-sized amount of emu oil on my face. It seems like all the really good oils for acne are either extremely smelly, expensive (compared to other oils), or hard to find!

I've read that oregano and clove oil needs to be diluted or it will burn your skin.

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