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Hi, I want to know if the regimen helped you to remove the blackheads. I'm 18 and now my acne is just about blackheads on my t-zone. Did the regimen helped you to remove them, or what is your trick to make them go away ?

Thank you all smile.gif

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benzoyl peroxide is really harsh to use if your only problem is blackheads. Blackheads are clogged pores that haven't been overly infected by bacteria, so benzoyl peroxide is overkill. An exfoliating product (salicylic acid) would be a better choice. Some common and fairly gentle options are: Neutrogena multivitamin acne treatment (also contains AHA's) and Paula's choice 1 and 2% BHA lotions. You might benefit from also using a salicylic or glycolic acid facial wash (choose something gentle though) such as Aqua glycolic cleanser, olay daily renewal cleanser, etc.

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Thank you for your reply Ritzvin, I'll try some of your suggestions you provided. user posted image

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Hey Netx,

Also, vitamin A/retinol is what my derm said was the best way aside from salicylic acid to keep pores unclogged. For some reason (probably allergy) salicylic acid puffed up my face! But it did help clear up my pores so it's definitely worth a try. Benzoyl peroxide didn't help much with blackheads except for irritating my skin.

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The only thing that will get rid of your existing blackheads is facial extraction. IT's painful but i works.

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