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I hate all this make up shit and how I as a male, feel so low about myself and my acne that I have to put this shit on and how I find it so difficult to blend it onto my face regularly. Some days it looks fine other days I'm in my bathroom for an hour scrubbing it all off because it looks ridiculous. Now the foundation is just WHITE why the fuck is it white when it's a medium????

Fuck make up and fuck these scars that have my life so complicated.

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Aw don't feel that way :( you just need to find the right color and perhaps brand.

If you use (loose) powder, mac provides a whole range of colors that can match you (: what foundation brand do yu currently use?

Also, I would recommend Bobbi brown concealed/corrector (whchever has your right color) over any blemishes. It definitely will help because the consistency is fantastic (easy to blend)

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I'm using that one where it 'magically' blends into your skin colour. I think it doesnt because my scarring is red?? And if I do it on my arm it does because that's my natural skin colour. It's a liquid and it's pretty thin, I guess almost like a tint moisturizer.

Please guys if you could suggest a foundation that's the easiest to blend and looks so natural please.

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To be honest I use powder foundation so I'm not sure if I can help you in the liquid department. However bare minerals or MAC mineralized spf15 foundation in loose (the one I currently use) is extremely smooth at blending. MAC also comes in a whole range of colors.

Also use a primer if you're not already. It helps smooth out the application/blending of makeup

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do you think the reason why I'm having such a hard time is because of the redness???

I have a primer but stopped using it after a couple times because it made my face heaps sticky and weird and didnt feel that good.

Thank you for helping me btw.

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I don't think it's so much of the redness as it is the surface of your skin. If your skin is bumpy/rough, the application of make-up will most likely not look as great. So I would suggest a silicone-based primer (like Smashbox PhotoFinish primer in original) to smooth out your skin. It will make blending a lot better as well.

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