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I haven't been on here in ages. And I think it's time to come back, because my progress has come to a dead end.

I first started noticing most results when I stopped using anything with BP or SA or anything like that. So, no, I will not try anything like that again, haha.

Second results was when I started moisturizing daily (I have no idea why I didn't up until this September, I was stupid)

When I started buying the high quality stuff at Sephora, my oh my have I come a long way.

I use Kinerase Gentle Cleanser

And I used to use Boscia's moisturizer, but it wasn't enough, so I switched to the hydrating mask and I just used a little bit every morning, but that felt too greasy,

So now I just started yesterday using a moisturizer from Alba with green tea and aloe in it.

I use a mask from Goodstuff (i think that's the brand) with pumpkin in it, and it's really amazing and i love it, and I use it as a spot treatment at night

I drink only water, and I try to get 4 bottles in every day, which is insanely hard for me because I get really sick when I drink water. It doesn't matter what brand. Dx

I take... Vitamin C, B1, Krill oil, and a multi

I'm as clear as I've ever been in my entire life<3

BUT. I still get occasional whiteheads, tiny ones

And a couple cysts, which are bitches -_-

And pmsing is hell.

If you read all this and/or reply, thankyousomuch<3


Maybe some little tips to kick it up a notch?!

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In my honest opinion the moisturizer and cleanser from apsara skin care is the very best. I have used everything on the market, but nothing like a gentle cleansing and moisturizing routine that is packed with natural extracts. I have used it for 6 months and it is like I never broke out.

Apsara is the best!

Use their cleanser, toner, and lotion for oily/acne-prone skin, and you won't regret it. It is free of sulfates and parabens, and filled with acne-fighting ingredients. It takes about 2 weeks to see results. But nothing is overnight.

Good luck!

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Aspirin mask! I do one every week and it never disappoints. Today I was in pretty bad shape so I used two extra strong tablets (I usually only use one extra strong tablet 500mg) I left it for half an hour and seriously its class. You see best results if you dont use it more often than once a week.

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