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I was wondering if anyone else on ths board has puffy cheeks as well as acne.

I'm 27 now and I have had acne since I was 11. Its much better now than it used to be but I still get pimples, bumps under skin and greasy skin.

However, to make my skin look worse, my cheeks are very puffy, and I also have a deep line that goes through it, which starts from under my eyes (I hope this makes sense).

This makes me look so much older and its very depressing.

Having googles it, I think it is some type of allerygy. I also have a itchy runny nose, occasionally itch eyes.

I have ACV, lemon in water, I'm not sure but I think it helps a little. I have cut out dairy and notice that when I do occasionally eat it my cheeks do get a more puffy.

I was wondering if anyone else has these symptoms and if they found something that helps?

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Ever since i broke out i seriously thought my cheeks were puffy too! I think it has to do with my under the skin pimples that are lingering. Do you feel anything? How is your oral hygene? Not to say its bad, but perhaps try being super dilligent on brushing and flossing for 2 weeks and see if it helps, maybe could be related, since starting on the regimen to clear up the puffiness in my face has been helping, have you felt around your cheeks to see if there is something under the skin?

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Yeah it is swelled up.

If I massage the area for a minute or so, it sort of 'deflates' for a little while. It looks much better for a little while, therefore acne scars look much better, but the deep line is always there (although its less obvious). However it always comes back up.

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Crystal Brookhurst

Thanks, I dont think thats what it is though. I only get pimples occasionally, rarely get it in this area cheek now, although it was where I suffered the worst of my acne 10 years ago.

When I touch it, I dont feel like theres anything under the skin but it does feel spongey!! When I massage it for a while, it does deflate.

Just to add, I do brush my teeth and with electric toothbrush and mouthwash twice a day, floss every couple of days.

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