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Why does my skin heal so poorly? It literally takes months for a spot to fully heal after popping. I see people with spots that heal fully like days after :S Is it just bad genes or can I help it some way? I currently take a multivitamin, drink water, eat fruits and veg, fish oil etc still seems to be healing poorly. Any suggestions?

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I kinda have the same problem. The only time I used to get red marks in the past is when I picked alot, but I've stopped picking for awhile and now for some reason pretty much every zit leaves a red mark :/

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Yeah, I wonder about this, too. My husband gets a pimple once in a blue moon, ALWAYS picks it, and it is completely gone in 2 days without a mark. I am the complete opposite. Everything always leaves a mark, and even when a lesion is drained and flat, the scab still takes ages to disappear.

I did notice an improvement in healing time when I was taking MSM, which I just started doing again (also good for hair, nails, and the digestive tract). I'm now taking zinc. We'll see what kind of effect that will have.

Another thing which I have found helpful is washing with salt water. Basically I pour a lot of salt into a plastic bowl in my sink, fill it with hot water, and stir to dissolve the salt. I let it cool a tiny bit and then splash it on my face. No soap, nothing else. It takes off makeup, too (although maybe not mascara). I also sometimes use a washcloth with the salt water. The effect is mildly exfoliating (it will help get rid of sticky scabs that already have new skin formed under them), anti-inflammatory, and softening. I moisturize while the skin is still very damp with a mixture of EVOO and castor oil, or sometimes shea butter.

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one word: inflammation.

control your inflammation by tracking and leveling your Omega ratio's. it should be 1:1 but most americans have a ratio of about 10:1.

1. take fish oil and zinc

2. eat less omega 6 foods or eat more omega 3 foods.

3. go to nutritiondata.com and track everything you eat in a day and it will show you your omega ratios.

i GUARANTEE this will help. also, you might wanna look into the Paleo Diet.

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