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Working out on the Regimen?

I'm starting my third week on the regimen and feel like its time I start exercising like I used to, but I have some questions about it.

Is it okay to work out after applying the regimen?

I play basketball every afternoon, which I don't think is much of a problem as that is hours after the regimen has been applied.

But say I want to go for a run about an hour after applying the regimen? I know its best to only use the regimen twice a day, so is it fine to be all sweaty and dirty with the regimen on pretty much all day until the night? Or is it better to just wait to apply the regimen after the exercise and a shower?

Whats your exercise/regimen schedule like?

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I understant what you mean, i feel like if i sweat dont i need to wash my face? But if i wash my face a 3rd time then technically i am not following the regimen, it just sucks because the regimen is to be done morning and night 12 hours apart and well it just makes me nervous to work out yet i know that if i work out my body will help my acne heal faster. Such a catch 22..what i say is perhaps plan your workouts 2 hours before your night time regimen until you get more clear..then maybe you can figure it out. Thats my opinion of course...now i just gotta find the energy and want to workout...that might take me a while :D

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i usually work out right before i do my regimen. but by working out do you mean like running playing basketball, etc.? or do you mean like lifting weights. cause ive always found that when i take a break from lifting weights, like for a couple days my skin starts to clear up. but your skin gets clearer when you work out? thats a dilemma ive always wondered about whether excercise and sweat is good or bad for our skin.

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