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Hello i created this to have some questions answered about accutane. I was wondering the to get theses few questions out of the way:

I have prom in about a month and 10 days and i just started accutane, i have mild acne. Will i be broken out like crazy like most people.

10 days in and im broken out like never before on my chin and around my mouth, anything i can do to make the Initial breakout less severe then it is example drink more water, supplements

And i have been getting really red whenever i go out in the sun and my job is in the sun so i cant limit my time there. I wore spf 50 sunscreen with a hat, come home and look like a tomato. HELP!

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I'm going to move this to the accutane posts sub-forum. You'll receive more replies that way! =)

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Hi. I decided to see a new dermatologist today. He told that I am a good candidate for accutane.

He told me that I need to register on Ipledge, and be on a birth control pill. But before he can even begin to register me online, he needs me to take a pap smear and pregnancy test.

I guess I can get my birth control pills and pap smear from Planned Parenthood. But what birth control pills do I need to be prescribed because it states that I can only taken certain oral contraceptives while on it? I am not sexually active so I feel like this process is so unnecessary.

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