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I decided to quit this site -- it's about time.

I just want to leave a few words, which you guys do not need to heed or even read. But I feel strongly about these points, so I will type them out.

1) Please don't get obsessed about gluten, yeast, protein, and dairy allergies or sensitivities. Experiment each sensitivity two times at most. And if there is no reaction, then go on living your life and forget about them, completely. Many posters on this site, myself included, become obsessed with avoiding this or that food, often to little or no results. This obsession is unhealthy and is no way to live.

2) Please don't jump on the supplement bandwagon, even if you have money to kill. DIM, HCL, FIBER, VIRASTOP -- these are not the answers to your acne. They are but a passing fad initiated by posters seeking to confirm their own fleeting suspicions. They don't mean ill but their sudden epiphanies or magic supplements more often than not lead to hundreds of users left disappointed. Go back to these threads and see for yourself if you must: none of these supplements bring lasting help. Get off this emotional rollercoaster of trying one supplement one day, and another the next.

3) If something isn't working, it isn't working. If you are taking fish oil, and you are breaking out continuously, stop supplementing. That sounds obvious, but it's hard to follow common sense when you are bombarded by the media, and people regurgitating what the media says, raving about the health benefits of this or that supplement. If they don't work, you might begin to think there is something wrong WITH you and not the supplement. There is nothing wrong with you.

4) Think back to the time when you didn't have acne -- when you didn't go on weird diets, rub urine on your face, avoid gluten like the plague, or moisturize with jojoba oil. You know that most people do not do those things? I know that's hard to accept. No, most people don't avoid gluten. No, most people don't rub urine on their faces.

What makes you think that you should be any different? The idea that you are special, that you are prone to acne -- don't be proud of that. Be special in other ways. If you want to get rid of your acne, you probably should act like the people who don't have acne. I won't guarantee that your acne will magically disappear, but you will feel better and more normal. And feeling normal is important, for in the end, don't all acne sufferers just want to feel normal?

5) If you are serious about holistic health, be critical as well as honest. Critical when people suggest a magical cure, honest to yourself when things don't work.


I end with a quote:

Energy comes from feeling good, not from eating well or sleeping a lot. We all remember how as children, when we were having fun, we often forgot to eat or sleep. I believe that we can keep that attitude as adults, too. It's best not to tire the body with too many rules such as lunchtime and bedtime.

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara

Edited by john1234

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I enjoyed reading this so thank you. How bad is acne if you can bring yourself to a level of complacency and balance? *throws self-conscious me in bin*

Peace everyone

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Awesome parting post John, best of luck. Its also time for me to quit this site and obsession, gonna give Paleo another weak though. ;)

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Good thread, but where's the actual advice for doing something about acne? You caved in and are just going to live with it?

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Well he gives a lot of advise:

1) Dont stress out about it. Feel good. Live your life.

2) Test things and stop avoiding something if you see no result

3) Dont beleave everything others post, be critical

This is all really good advise. 1 may lead to less acne, i believe so. 2 can lead to better treatment and a more enjoyable life. and 3 can lead to a more enjoyable life, no useless treatments that may only do harm, and more money in your pocket.

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I don't agree with some people that say that is all good advice but i do wish you luck john and hope that this decision is the best one for you.

Acting like people who dont have acne is probably what got most of us here in the first place. Everyone is different so everyone shouldn't act the same. I do understand the message of the post and that is to not stress or get obsessed which is easier said than done but always something we should keep in mind. Acne is something we all want gone NOW so we judge results every hour and it's easy to get frustrated. Acne solutions need to be just a small part of our life and should not rule it.

Again, John good luck to you and hopefully your new outlook will be your "magic bullet".

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