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Is one dermaroller better than another?

I've been reading the dermarolling support thread. I've gained a lot of useful information there, but one thing I didn't come across is this:

How many "brands" of dermarollers are out there? Are they pretty much all the same, or are there some with better results? I realize it has a lot to do with needle length as well, but are there some rollers which are more well-designed, and others that have crappy needle alignment or anything? Any ones to beware of or lean towards?

Thanks! :)

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I haven't used them myself but Dr.Roller is supposed to be a good one.

oh if you need some advice id be happy to help. typically the more expensive ones are supposed to be better (higher quality needles). if you are looking for a safer option, ive heard some positive things about the dermastamp. its effectively the same as the dermaroller, but stamps instead of rolling. a lot of people here expressed concern that the needles of the dermaroller entered the skin at angles and tore the skin creating scars. the dermastamp always enters the skin at 90 degrees and is supposed to prevent this problem. what kind of scarring do you have?

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i appreciate the advice i've gotten. i've had trouble getting much feedback/help on this message board-- but if possible, i would love more responses, to possibly getting a more comprehensive overview of what all brands of dermarollers/dermastamps are out there. :)

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Whoever, I cannot find any actual medical studies comparing any of the dermarollers or the derma stamp, but you can find much discussion on the page http://www.essentialdayspa.com/forum/viewt...d.php?tid=33338

I am using my old 1.5mm Dr. Roller about once a month, but it is about time to replace it. Rolled last night and then applied Super Cop 2X after a shower and it stung for a while.

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