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Well first post on here, Don't really know where to start, I'm sure theres lots of things like am about to say.

Basically ive been suffering proabbaly what would be classed as mild acne for the pastr 2 years, I find it really embarassing and I hate it.

My acne is very strange, It seems to go in such a clockwork rotation, It will begin on my forehead , then move to my chin, then to my cheeks and sometimes i get a f ew cropping up at the sides of my eyes,btw its like mainly whiteheads and lots of blackheads , Once it cleards on my forehead it will go to my chin then it will clear on my chin and go onto myc heeks and it seems weirs as this always happens like going in a never ending circle. I have tried nearly everything for it. Clearisil made it worse, Nutrogena made no difference, So i got Murads starter kit which made my skin HORRIBLE, it burst me out like never before, I have before used teh clinique soap, and i am doing so now but still acne exists, its not like major acne just really annoying, I have also tried benzol , oxy, My regeim now is I bought some expensive products to see if theres any differnece, I bought Anythony Logstics Complete Acne Treatment, And also some Blue Herbal Khiels moisturizer which was in toal around £75 , Btw I am in the Uk , I jjust wanted to know what the hell can i do to sort this !!!! lol, I have been looking iinto maaybe trying the tablets Acnease ?, can anyone recommend any tablets or anything ?

Thanks for any replies

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