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Tetracycline + Lifestyle changes.

Hi everyone!

I'm home sick with a bad cold today, so I decided it was the perfect day to start the blog I have been wanting to write forever.

My history with acne starts at about age 10 when I starting getting the odd pimple. Pretty unusual for a ten year old, especially one who lacked in every other possible sign of possibly aging at all. Eventually in grade 8 my acne upgraded (pfft!) to having about 5 or 6 pimples per week. By the end of grade 9 though, I had full-on moderately severe acne.

Last summer I got on the BC pill, which did nothing. I have also tried proactiv, clean & clear, acnefree, neutrogena, and tons of others. The only product that have me sort of good results was Acnefree Severe.

I am now currently 15 (almost 16) in grade 10. I got on Tetracycline on December 24th. It started to show signs of working about a month ago. Now my acne is moderate sometimes and light sometimes. I still sadly have to deal with many scars, discoloration, the odd under the skin pimples, and black and white heads.

I am just now starting some new lifestyle changes that will hopefully help my skin along its way to clarity.

1. Drink more green tea! At the moment I drink tons of water and 1 green tea per day, but I decided that I can up that to 3 green teas a day!

2. Eat healthier! I am already a pretty healthy eater, but I wouldn't mind eating a bit less and only healthy stuff!

3. Exercise more! This is the only one that will be a HUGE change, because I'm a very lazy person! Good thing my neighbour has a sweet home gym, so it will make it really easy for me to exercise, plus I can go for runs since its spring!

4. Stop picking all together! I currently only pick blackheads, whiteheads and the odd pimple that seems like it needs to be popped. But due to a recent tragedy involving my cheek (which you will see in the pictures!) I have decided all picking is evil!

5. Get more sun! Not in the way that I am baking in the sun for hours (I mean hello, Its a Canadian spring, its not like that is possible) I just mean 10-15 minutes outside in the sun without sunscreen per day. I find this just gives my skin the fresh air and bit of Vitamin D it needs!

6. Actually take my vitamins! I bought these really nice vitamins that are supposed to really help my skin, but I never remember to take them! Actually I'm going to go take one right now!

Now here are some images to show you how my skin is as of now!

[Just so you know, it does look way worse in person. My web cam doesn't do it justice!]




Well, hopefully I'll get a few replies!



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