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What kind of home treatment?

So I already have a daily face wash which is kind of working I guess, but I do still get spots/pimples and I need something to treat this when they occur. Usually they are deep and painful, the face wash seems to have stopped little ones but doesn't do alot about the big ones.

At the moment I apply ice to them as soon as I see one appearing, is this a good idea?

I am not in the position to buy new products so I was hoping for a homemade fix of some kind?


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I saw these posts here about an egg white mask. I tried it. Loved it! :surprised: It makes ur skin feel like 10x's better! I think it would be a good idea to do this at least 2xs a week. Clears ur pores , tightens ur skin and smooths it out. If you have a lot of redness, it clears this up! It's AMAZING!! To prepare the mask , I took an egg. Collected the whites only. Added a drop of Tea Tree Oil ( I heard others used lemon jc too) and applied a layer to my face. Left dry , then did a spot treatment on affected areas where I added more egg. While wearing the mask u wanna try not to make any facial expressions. AFter 20 min, I washed my face with warm water until I couldn't feel the egg anymore. Dried , then applied moisturizer. My skin still fealt great the next day. I am going on Accutane within the next few days , but I do plan to continue to use the Egg white Mask. Give it a try and see what happens! Good Luck

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