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I have seen many people suggest getting tests done by enterolab (like yeast, gluten, dairy sensitivities), and I am wondering why that place is suggested? Why can't you go to your regular doctor with these problems and have them order the test?

With my insurance, I usually only pay a co-pay on the office visit. Any testing I've ever had has been entirely covered by insurance. I've only had blood testing done though... Is insurance likely to be different with stool tests?

I would like to use my doctor and insurance if at all possible (20 bucks), before paying 100 bucks a pop with enterolab!

Thanks for any help!!

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Its because regular docs are kinda clueless on all this for the most part AND they use older testing for allergens that often come up as negative, even when you have it.

Entrolabs from what I understand is one of the most accurate testing labs in the country and for just under 100 bucks you can't go wrong.


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Your doctor will most likely send you to an allergist who will give you the "scratch test." They scratch your skin with the allergen (you can do this at home) and wait 20 minutes to see it it whelps up like a bee sting. Then they hand you a bill for $700.

After you've paid the $700, the doctor then tells you the test isn't that accurate and an elimination diet wouldn't hurt. :wacko:

Then, if you say you want to know if you have Celiac Disease your doctor will suggest getting the blood test. The blood test most like will be negative and the doctor will say you "definitely aren't a Celiac" and will send you on your way. After doing a little research on your own, you realize the blood test is only right 60% of the time.

It is just easier to get a stool test from EnteroLab.com that is 95% accurate. The 5% error rate is for people who don't produce histamines(?) at all. It just makes life simple.

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