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Facial Redness??

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Hi all.

Sooooo I have not been using any anti-acne drug on my face for about 2 weeks and I started the 'caveman' regimen 1 week ago. The reason why I started this regimen was not to get rid of the acne because I know that isn't gonna solve it but to get rid of the damn facial redness all those freaking acne creams left behind. Seriously the lower area of my face (pretty much everything except for my forehead) is red. And this redness isn't fading even after one week of not even letting water touch my face.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? I really don't care about breaking out because I want this redness problem solved first. I won't break out that bad as I'm on an oral antibiotic anyway.


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I wish I know.

In my bathroom, it doesn't look bad!

I open the window, look in mirror, and I see... let me look again..

Red marks. Whew because long time ago, it was purplish red. And I didn't even look human.

I might go to a derma for the first time in my life. Wonder how much it'll cost me without insurance or anything like that.

I remember some chick was talking about this whitening cleanser she was using. Or whitening lotion. Hmm, I think it was cleanser from Amazon.

And she was like, it made her red face much clearer.

I almost want to try that, but I think it was around $20...

Sorry I cant help, I'm quite worthless for redness.

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