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So I just want to talk with someone because talking to a wall or a piece of paper hardly works.

I hide in the School's bathroom instead of going to class. I turn off the light in the bathroom. I have to run to my room when the doorbell rings because I fear that people will see me. School is difficult, so I quit, I would love to continue but Im weak and hopeless. The school nurse laughed at me when I cried about my skin burning and literally flaking off my face. I kissed a boy and he questioned me if I have a disease because he had bumps around his chin and never called me back, Used me like the vulnerable toy that I am. I wear makeup, even around my family because I dont want thier eyes to burn. I'll slather makeup like nothing on my face, as long as it covers who gives right, even though i look like a clown. Why is it that they cant stand me looking like a clown and they cant stand me looking like a pizza face, what do they want from me, perfection? Sorry Im burning your eyes. I avoid eating pizza. Ive become such an angry person, I feel ugly on the inside and on the outside. I won't go out in the sunlight, I'm a vampire. I know and studied about every lighting situation. I don't have friends anymore. I've heard people call me the fuckedup face girl before when they thought I wasn't listening. Why do people remind you that you have something on your face..as if I don't obsessed over it enough already. My face hurts, I can't sleep facing down on my pillow comfortably. I can't swim, I loved swimming as a child, now I wont go in the rain or near the water. People accused me of doing drugs or questioned me and I would say NO, yet they just laugh as if I was lying. :( Why does this suck, why is it that I mope , sometimes I am positive but I m having a meltdown , it'll last a week I hope. :) Everytime I feel better , the acne always come back and I feel worst, Stop playing tricks with me. :ninja:

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Now list all the positive things about yourself. And don't sell yourself short either. And you better not write just one thing like.....I'm funny

Seriously! Write down all the good things

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