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Acne Medications & Pregnancy

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these are my pre-pregnant acne skin care products, pls tell me which are still safe to continue. thanks so much

1) glycolic body soap

2) Neutrogena acne wash (salicylic acid)

3) benzoyl peroxide 2.5% / 5% / 10%

4) Neutrogena salicylic treatment gel

5) Loreal Pure Zone toner (salicylic acid)

6) glycolic toner

7) erythromycin toner

of course i dont use these all at once.

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I really recommend you speak to a pharmacist or your dr about this. Its a hard question,because in general, most medications will mention on the bottle if it is unsuitable for pregnant women.

I know products with high levels of Vit A should be avoided, but the others seem to be user beware! The best advice i can give you is type in "salicylic acid pregnancy" etc etc into the google search, and any relavent info will appear.

I'm sure i've read were the effects that benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid have on pregnant women/unborn babies is uncertain. So you may want to reduce what you use and less often. But do a proper search to be sure!

Im using completely natural products to control my skin, you may want to look in to the safer approach also?

Good Luck


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I would agree with hatch there, check with your doctor to be certain. There is a bit of debate about BP and SA and whether they can be harmful in the long run in general. From what I have read online while doing research about acne treatments (before I came across this site) I discovered some discussions about women who were pregnant and wondering the same thing as you, whether they could use BP especially. The general opinion there was SA should be okay but BP is a stronger medication so some of them were not using it just in case. But many seemed to say they were getting GA peels and using GA products. So I am assuming GA might be thought to be fine. It's a bit of a grey area. No research done that I am aware of.

Best to make sure with your doctor or someone who has a good understanding of acne medications like a pharmacist or dermatologist.

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