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i have had severe cystic acne for 3 years. retin a helped for a year but then i started getting cysts again but now around mouth area (they were previously cheeks, jaw) since then i have been on bp for 2 years. it worked at 2.5 for a year, then stopped so i switched to 5% for a year but again i am getting the cysts again ( i always had cysts pop up now and again but the quantity increased) i had success changing my moisturizer to garnier pure a for a while, but not to long.

all this got me thinking the acne has changed place possibly in reaction to my perscriptions so i stopped using it and wash with water then splash apple cider vinigar diluted with green tea and lemon juice. i then moisturize with garnier pure a, i did experiance a really bad break out of pimples around my mouth but i think this was a result of been on lymecycline for 2 years straight and i believe it gave me a yeast infection which i got rid of by cutting anything with wheat and yeast for 2 weeks ( i will no longer take antbiotics). now i dont really get cysts, the main change is using only water which is warm not boiling as it was before which made my skin really oily (underrstandibly as i was using soap and really hot water).

i noticed that my forehead has always been clear i never wash my forehead it just gets wet in shower, should i employ this on my face? ive read about the natural acid mantle which kills bacteria which i probibly have on my forehead but not my face after the years of chemicle abuse. or is it possible i have outgrown my acne i am approaching 19. (my acne is hereditery, my dad has a beard to cover the scars he had from his cysts, but cant remember when he grew out of it)

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