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Shadow Yoshi

I am very healthy, yet my acne is terrible. Why?

Back in September of last year was when I started improving my health. I began making commutes by bike to school almost every day. I also added lots more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and removed a significant amount of the processed foods that I used to consume. Although I noticed some changes, improvements weren't substantial until I made two adjustments to my lifestyle. The first one was removing dairy from my diet. The second was applying lemon juice topically. By the end of November, I got into the habit of putting lemon juice on my face every other day, and I was off dairy completely.

After a few weeks I noticed great results. My skin was almost completely cleared up. It got even better by the end of January. I was very satisfied. But then, I made a change that messed everything up. After my mom mentioned that gluten intolerance runs in the family, and suggested I go off gluten, I listened and started removing things like whole wheat bread from my diet. The results were terrible. Not only did I experience mood swings, but a bad acne breakout. I hoped that my skin would calm down after getting used to the new diet, but it hasn't. My skin has been getting worse and worse since then. It looks about as bad as it did in September before I started improving my health. I just don't get it why I'm breaking out so bad. I eat very healthy, exercise almost every day, have great hygiene, and lately I haven't been too stressed out. I don't understand what could be causing my acne to get so bad, if anyone could shed light on this situation that would be great.

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Hi Im new to this site so am by no means an expert, but im also interested in healthy eating etc so maybe i can help. A lot of people take B vitamins to help with their acne, and whole grains such as wholewheat bread etc contain these vitamins as well as lots of other vital nutrients and fibre for good digestion etc that keep you and your skin healthy. You should only cut out whole food groups if they are making you sick/ feel really bad and you actually have an intolerance. maybe try reintroducing the wholewheat bread and see how it goes! xxx

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