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neck scaring after Fraxel Repair

Dear San Jose Skin,

I can't thank you enough for your reply. I have searched for days and could not come up with anything.

This is week 3 for me and I have followed your links and have printed everything. I am going to my Plastic surgeon tomorrow morning with all the articles and photos which look and describe my neck exactly. Hopefully the creams will work. Hopefully my doctor will read this and know that he should never perform this again.

I can't thank you enough...

Best to you

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You are deffinately welcome. I have a feeling you are going to be just fine. So don't worry.

You know, ask your doctor what mj setting, and density he used. The doctor may have actually used a proper setting for your neck. If he used a proper setting, then he isn't really to blame, instead reliant/solta medical needs to know that even low settings can cause neck scars. so ask him for sure ok, it should be in your file. Actually, even if he used low settings, he should have at least informed you of the known risks of neck scarring, that is if he even knew himself. So ask for a copy of your entire file, you have the rights to it, but they may charge you a fee.

If he does give you that cream, don't apply it to healthy skin, use carefully, it is very strong and can cause skin to thin and even worse it may lead to straie when over used.

I encourge you to report this to the fda and to reliant/solta medical. If you report it, you will be helping possibly thousands of future patients. The fda and the company both have proper filing procedures for this exact problem I believe. I think it is very vital you do this.

Also protect yourself, take pictures, document everything. Maybe take a friend with you as a witness, and have the friend go into the doctors room along with you.

Take care, wishing you the best and you will be fine, dont worry!

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