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What's really discouraging

I know I only stop by these boards every few months, but it's become extremely discouraging to me to see the lack of response - asking a question and not getting any feedback, as if no one out there can identify with your question so you must be the only one dealing with whatever you're asking about is almost as discouraging as dealing with adult/hormonal acne itself.

Honestly, so many questions on here get views in the hundreds yet garner only one or two, sometimes even no responses at all. This "community" doesn't benefit as much as it could from a bunch of questions but not a lot of answers or feedback. How can there be hundreds of people read the same questions and not one of them has a single bit of feedback?

I've found these forums helpful in a lot of ways, and I'm sure I'll still be reading up on what folks are dealing with, etc, and when I can I'll still respond to questions if I can offer anything valid. (And I'm always super grateful when someone takes the time to respond to anything I write.) But I just wanted to say this - and I know some people will find it irritating, but my guess is others will agree, because I'm sure a lot of people come here really hoping to gain a lot insight from a large community of people in the same boat as them.

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Wow yea sorry but I found your post INCREDIBLY irritating.. I mean I came on this message board to find answers initially.. And people were really helpful on here, so much umm I JOINED!!! Yaayya for all of you!!! And I think if you stuck around more than every couple of months and posted multiple questions or commented on multiple posts you would find it helpful too.

I came on here to get answers. I am now clear.. But I continue to come back at least a few times a week just in case I can still help someone else out there.. And I do that because I know what it feels like to have not found an answer.. And I have responded to questions even when I do not personally know the answer but read it somewhere along my way... THIS forum is fantastic and we're all really lucky to have one another. And for you to sit there and bash it in anyway. yes irritating.. SO I can agree to disagree on a lot of opinions on here, and to even say it kindly 99.9% of the time.. But you're that .01%..so I do apologize but you are way out of line here.

IS there something in particular you wanted to know? Or a question you had cause I think you have our attention now?

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Sorry if you read my post the wrong way, but I certainly wasn't "bashing." I said I find these forums helpful - and I DO find it helpful - as you can see from my post I'm a veteran member just like you, and as a matter of fact every single time I log in I comment on or try to help with answers to questions I read. In response to the suggestion that I don't come around enough to find it helpful, from my experience there's no "time requirement" for helpful internet forms. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there like me who don't have time or don't always have immediate internet access but try to come around as much as they can.

People ask questions on here because they need answers. We all know how the feeling of desperation that comes with acne and trying to find treatments that work, and then dealing with the side effects of those treatments. I was merely stating that there's many questions that go largely unanswered, even after 50, 100, sometimes more than 1,000 views. I don't think it's "way out of line" to point that out.

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