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hey everyone, so when i take my makeup off, my skin is reallyyyy red, it always has been that way too. Since i have very fair skin any minor pimple is like a huge blemish to me cause it looks SO red. any tips on how to offset the redness.

Im using a green tea facial everyday (look up on youtube its on this girls clear skin challenge thing), i just used the toothbrush method (skin felt really smooth after and flakinesss went away, <3 it so far) and btw i know this does not cause my redness, i use a honey mask for abou 10 minutes too, and i moisturize with olive oil, aloe vera, and vitamin e oil.


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Use Cetaphil moisturizing cream (not the lotion) at night around your entire face. Not only does this act as a skin barrier, but it helps repair and nourish our skin. So any blemishes that you may have, would also improve overnight.

I would also use Aveeno SPF 30 products in terms of a daily moisturizing lotion. I know it seems like all of these "anti-redness" products are a scam...but the Aveeno Ultra-Calm lotion really does help. (Albeit minor...)

Also, if you workout like I do, it may be beneficial to take a trip to your local doctor and ask about a beta blocker to take before you exercise. Propanolol can lasts up to six hours that helps prevent anxiety in social situations, but has been prescribed off hand as a means of controlling redness during a workout.

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