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Heya my name is Alyssa and since the age of thirteen I have suffered from acne. Now my family and friends would say its mild acne but to me it is severe and I have suffered with it on and off to this day at the age of twenty two. Like every teen out there I was told oh dont worry it will go away in your twenties. Well I ve been in my twenties for two years now and I still have it.

I have been on numerous creams, antibiotics, regimens, birth control... you name it I have probably tried it. This year I was fed up with it all decided that I would try one more antibiotic and that was it Im done messing about. Currently I am taking 100 mg of Spironolactone which I have to say is really working well. I have decided to wash my face with a gentle cleanser night and day and leave it alone. The less I do with it the better seeing how my whole life Ive been doing the aggressive approach when it comes to my face. Everything is going great except for this skin picking thing. I am horrible at it. I see one little small pimple and it screams at me like I have to get rid of it at that moment. I know in my head that I will only make it worse and ruin my face in the process but there is no stopping me. At this very moment I have a huge open wound on my chin that three weeks ago was a small pimple but has turned into an angry red sore from my picking. I need help and I want to stop this madness so I am starting the Chill Out Program. Wish me Luck!

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