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So basically, I come here to post every once in a while, to vent, to cry, to express my good days, my bad, and anything and everything inbetween.

I recently went on a 6 month course of acne which left me scarred on my cheeks and neck, along with the accutane "glow" (red knuckles, red face, red arms) This along with the fact that I blush very easily (and not to mention I blush alot because I'm not a very social person) have led to me being labeled as that "pink" kid. Now I've been off of the accutane for 2 weeks, and the redness is beginning to fade. Two weeks of spring break are coming up after this week, and I really want to be able to come back and be able to burst out of my shell. I've started to work out more, go out and skate almost everyday with a few friends. I've also been able to save some cash up to grab some new clothes.

Anyways, after going off the tane, I was given a prescription cleanser and a topical cream. I've had topicals in the past (Retin-A Differin Benzaclin) all of which have made my face even redder then accutane did. I've been on it for a few days, and no real change in the redness of my skin yet, however I'm afraid once the accutane "glow" wears off, no one will be able to tell because the topical will make my face just as red. I feel like all the hell I went through with accutane won't end. These scars will last for a year before they fade noticeably, and now the "pink" will still be there. I just can't decide of this whole transformation I'm trying will even be worth it.

But on to the good stuff. My transformation. I've first started out with some goals

-Go to prom, and be HAPPY. Have a good time

-Get a date to prom, even if it is just a friend

-Go out ATLEAST 1 night a week, no more full weekends spent inside

-Atleast begin the process of talking to a girl

-Become athletic once again (I went from varsity soccer and track freshman year to no sports at all)

All these goals can be accomplished, and I know hard work will be worth it. Regardless of the way my face reacts, or my skin is, I AM 100% determined to do most, if not all, of these listed above.

Basically, I just want to show everyone despite the way I look I am a person to. I also hope to inspire those who were/are just like me. Living life day by day, no future, no love, no happiness, nothing at all. Change is possible :D

Thank you :dance:

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good for you! I think it's really great that you are setting goals for yourself and trying to complete them dispite your insecurities, it's a great example for all of us on here who spend so much time sulking around feeling sorry for ourselves. have fun!

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I recently went on a 6 month course of acne

Doctor's prescribe acne nowadays?

Yeah, all varities of it, cystic, non inflamed, imaginary(lol)

That's one prescription I ain't gettin filled. F*ck you Doc

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Well I for one think it's disgusting that they can get away with this! I bet this is how super Doctors like Dr. Phil maintain their lavish lifestyle of private jets and high class prostitutes.

Edited by Chikorita

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