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damaged by cortisone, but not so bad

Like most teens, I had acne as a teenager.. not so bad, but I would quite often get these big cyst things.. I was the guy who some times had this huge zit.. sometimes on my nose...

When I was nineteen, I suddenly noticed that I hadn`t had a zit for a long time.. And It was all pretty natural, as I was getting older.. I thought i had gotten rid of the problem, and thought i would live the rest of my life with normal skin like most people.

then suddenly I got a chronic liver disease, and had to take big amounts of cortisone for almost half year....

It damaged my immunsystem and skin, I was left with stretchmarks on my body, and the acne problem was back(not to mention a chronic serious disease).

I think I just basically got damaged by cortisone.. for long time i noticed my wounds wouldn`t heal properly, and my skin just basically looks unhealthy.. this is why i still have acne I think..

I have not been taking cortisone for a long time, but still the acne problem will not go away.

So I think I`m gonna start with the regimen.. and possibly just do it before bedtime after a while..

the problem is not so bad, but again as in my teens, I get these big cysts that look awful for a week or more, until they become a big red spot that gradually decrease during the next month..

does this sound like a good plan? anyone with similar experiences?

thanks, anyway:)

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I should probably add that I didn`t do anything with my problem, and often scratched my face and pimples.. I started with benzoyl peroxide and moisteuriser friday, and the regimen yesterday.. My skin looks better already:)

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