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Do probiotics or enzymes cause an IB?

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I bought tons of probiotics and enzymes from garden of life today. I will be receiving them in a few days.

I am planning on taking a lot of them. Could they cause some kind of toxins die off or anything that would cause inflammation? Also, does anyone know if it's a good idea to take them with colostrum?

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IB = Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I was planning on making a post update that my friend's IBS disappeared almost one month ago when they began taking enzymes with every meal or just in the morning. The enzymes taken: Papain, Bromelain and UltraDigestive aids.

Note: Their IBS was HORRIBLY bad beforehand.

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I meant an initial breakout. :)

I ordered four bottles of primal defense ultra and four of omega-zyme ultra by garden of life. Cost me quite a bit, hope they will do something.

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IB = Initial Breakout

Weird that you ask this question Recover.

I started taking digestive enzymes from Garden of Life about a month ago. I figured if anything it would help me by breaking down my food more efficiently.

It might be just me, but it was definitely causing me to break out for whatever reason.

Less is more in my opinion; I understand your acne drives you nuts and you want it to go away, but the more you add to your regime; the more confusing it gets to figure out what's helping and what's hurting.


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I would say it is good to take them with colostrum, I do. I bought the Symbiotics brand probiotics that contains colostrum in it as well. Not sure if its just a marketing gimmick though.

I hvae heard that some people experience bad die offs from colostrum/probiotics while others dont experience anything. I think I might have felt a little sick during the first couple of days, but not realy sure if it was the die off or if I had a mild cold. I dont think I experienced any type of acne break out..If I had one, it must of been mild.

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I have taken probiotics and digestive enzymes over long periods of time and have always found them helpful. I never experienced an IB. I took PB8 probiotics but now take Jarrow Formula because they are enteric coated. I was taking Source Naturals digestive enzymes, but I switched to Betaine HCl plus Medizym's systemic enzymes. Garden of Life has a great reputation. I would just follow their dosage recommendations. It won't hurt to start out slow.

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I am starting to notice a relation between consuming kefir and getting a breakout the following day. When I consume kefir, I consume at least half of the whole bottle, so maybe that really affects it, but if you were to just take probiotics in a supplement form, I think you may be fine. However, I don't think probiotics have ever done anything for my acne.

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