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have patience - the regimen took 4 months to kick in (for me)


i do not post here often but i thought to share my experience, especially for those who have started on the regimen and have not experienced immediate positive results.

when i started the bp regimen i would often refer to dan's step-by-step "what to expect" - by month one i was still getting breakouts. in fact, my acne worsened - i started getting pimples where i did not get them before (neck below ear) and to top that, i had flaking skin and redness.

i do not know why i kept on using bp except that i often give up very easily. i did not do it this time, and guess what - i have noticed a significant improvement after 4 months.

that is a long time to wait but now i can rub my fingers over my skin and feel nothing!

i do get a break out before my period but it is nothing compared to what was happening before.

now i just have to ride out these red marks!

a little info:

- 26 year old female suffering moderate bordering on severe acne, worsened especially around period. would break out pretty much everywhere on face, and the acne would kind of "move" around my face and be worse in one area and then dissapear and re-appear somewhere new. vagabond acne.

- some scarring, especially "pick" marks around cheek and around temples.

- did not get acne until in my 20s.

my regimen:

- i do not use dan's regimen but the 3-step regimen at the drug store. it basically comes with a facial wash, toner and repair lotion which is 3% bp. i do this twice a day. in the morning i then follow up with john master's pomegranate facial nourishing oil (i used to use jojoba but i feel this is a better emollient) and then top off with shikai borage moisturizer. the combo of the two makes my skin look "normal".

- i didn't use the toner at first because i thought it would make the dryness worse, but i noticed when i decided to use it that it helps to take dead skin off (i can see it on the cotton ball). i think the improvement also came w/ incorporating it into the regimen. this might have to do with the fact that it has mild acid in it (lactic acid, for one) which probably also helps with pore clearing.

- at night i just do bp - no moisturizer.

anyway, thought to share and good luck. acne is the bane of my existence... and without it i have to say i feel pretty great these days. i even got my hair cut short, whereas before i used to hide behind it.

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Hi and thanks for posting.

One reason it may have taken you so long to clear up is that you aren't using the recommended products. The "what to expect" only applies to those people who are following the Regimen exactly as Dan suggests, using products from our list.

I'm glad you've found something to work for you. :)

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that did occur to me - i guess i am just too lazy/cheap to go through with buying something through the mail, when i can literally go next door to the drug store. in any case, it is nice to know that i can consult my drug store instead of having to go through expensive treatments through a derm.

in any case the lesson is to give treatments at least a few months before you really say it does not work. i have frequented acne message boards for years and i found that most people freaking out about something not working just haven't been doing it long enough.

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