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acne sucks

I've been suffering with moderately severe acne for about a year or so. When my acne first started to worsen my doctor perscribed me benzaclin. This cleared up my skin fairly well but it peeled like crazy. So i went to the dermatologist and she but me on doxycycline 100mg a day, differin 0.1%, benzoyl peroxide 5%. My acne came back even worse than before. After two months i went back to the derm and she increased my doxycycline dosage to 200mg a day, put me on clindamycin, and recommended blue light. She said that there are a million acne products out there but that because my skin is so sensitive there are a limited amount of things she can do. Because blue light is so expensive i bought the ansr beam and have been using it for the past week.

Here is what i do everday:


10% benzoyl peroxide

5 min of blue light 5 min of red light

clindamycin solution

doxycycline 100mg


10% benzoyl peroxide

5 min of blue light 5 min of red light

differin 0.1%

clindamycin solution

doxycycline 100mg

Yesterday i added 1% salicylic acid to my treatment because I have been on this treatment for almost 2 months and have seen little results and have been tired of this awful acne. I will see the derm again in about 2 weeks. I am hoping to clear up this acne by the end of this summer. If anyone has any recommendations or advice for me please comment. I could use the help. Acne sucks!!!!!

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