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Hyperpigmentation with sun exposure

I got hyperpigmentation (red marks ) after acne healed and started treating it with hydroquinone bleach cream after about week and half... during the week and half i was exposed to light sun with moderate sunblock or no sunblock... I read that treating hyperpigmentation with over the counter or home remedies is no use if area is exposed to sun... so if that's the case is hyperpigmentation permanent now? I'm assuming that's its only been a week and half of untreatment so it's still early in it's stages?

And finally... will laser remove hyperpigmentation if it's extreme (like untreated and in the sun)... or is chemical peels recommended..

Hopefully someone who knows HYPERPIGMENTATION can shed some light..

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Hyperpigmentation is never permanent from what I understand, but don't quote me. The more sunlight you get (meaning hanging out outside for long periods of time without sunscreen, not just being out for twenty minutes or so, which is good for your skin unless you are using a hydroquinone or retinol product in which they suggest you stay out sunlight as much as possible) the longer the marks will last, but as long as they are just discoloration, not pitted scars, they will go away. Wether it is weeks, months, possibly even a couple years, they will eventually fade back to normal, even without using products, however, some products will help speed the procees a little. Also, I would advise not to use treatments such as those for too long because you need to get a decent amount of sunlight every day to make sure you don't become vitamin d deficent, but you can obviously get too much sun, in which case it is not good for your acne or hyperpigmentation. It is advised to get as much sunlight as you can (no sunscreen) without burning (but not when using hydroquinone and such)

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