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Brandon's Acne Regimen Log

Well, I've been on and off the regimen for a while now without commitment. I'm tired of acne to the extent that, regardless of the side effects, I will stick to it, posting weekly pictures. I will document my progress. I'm going to be real specific about the conditions of this "experiment," so here's that stuff:

I take the following supplements/vitamins:

  • L-Glutamine

    - Development of muscle cells.

  • Creatine 189 (From GNC)

    - Dietary supplement.

  • Zinc

    - Immune health.

  • B6

    - Energy metabolism.

  • Multi-Enzyme

    - Digestive support.

  • Fish Oil

    - Heart and vascular health.

Other things that may affect my results:

  • I take showers at day and night.
  • I do the regimen at day and at night.
  • I am still in school- so my diet contains school food.
  • I shave weekly.
  • I have a habit of doing the hand-to-chin thing. (Trying to stop. :P)
  • I occasionally use hair gel.
  • I wash my bed stuff this way:

    - Sheets & pillow case washed weekly

    - Quilt thing on top washed monthly.

I'm giving these to you so if this works, you can see how I did it, or if it doesn't, you may be able to see where I went wrong, or what may be changing my results for better or worse.

I hope I haven't bore you too much, I'm going to get a picture of starting out tomorrow!

EDIT: Also, if you have any tips on anything else I should be doing that I've missed, please let me know!!!

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Week 3.

Missed Sunday.


Alright. Haven't been posting descriptive comparisons lately...

Slightly more acne on the left cheek, a good bit less on the forehead.

Whew. That was easy! :P

I've decided to start the regimen "full force," now. Earlier I was only doing it daily, but starting tomorrow, I'm going to do it before bed and in the morning. Wish me luck! :)

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