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Alcohol on Accutane 1 time

So im in my 4th month of accutane, and i have never had alcohol while on it and m liver is good. I'm 18 years old, and on 80mg a day. I have this important trip coming up for spring break, and i was wondering if it would be TERRIBLe if i get drunk mayb 1 or 2 nigghts the most? Any advice plzzZ?

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Im taking only 20mg and have had no problems with drinking alcohol. Even getting drunk was no problem. But honestly I was never so drunk that i didnt get home alone ;)

Also i take only 25% of the dosis you take... So I wouldnt try that too...

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Seems to vary from country to country, and doctor to doctor.

In the UK we have a big drinking culture. I was a 'regular' at a pub neat me at the age of 16! (2 years below legal age in the UK)

As such, friends that ive known go on accutane didn't change their drinking habits whilst on it.

My doctor didn't even mention not drinking, and when I brought it up to him, he pretty much just said 'dont go nuts' and to reduce it where possible.

Its your body, and the obvious answer is to not drink at all.

I just started accutane and have avoided going out with friends because i dont wanna put too much strain on my liver, and so just sit at home like a hermit! lol.

That being said, being totally truthful, if I were in yor shoes and had done 4 months whilst 'being good' and there was a big night coming up, I WOULD G0 FOR IT! :)

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you'll be fine. I've been on tane for like a year and I've drank more than I have my whole life probs and I'm ok. But in saying that you are on a much higher dose. But I'm sure if it's just a couple of days it's not going to kill you. Have fun :)

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