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Accutane predisposing you to Impetigo

Hey everyone,

I remember reading ages ago that Accutane can cause an Impetigo skin infection.

I finished Accutane to great success in October or November. Here I am in March and I've got impetigo on my face. It should be gone in a week because I am on antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and using a topical Fusilic Acid ointment.

However, can anyone explain WHY Accutane predisposes us to Impetigo and other skin infections? (Is it because it weakens or thins your skin? Or a different reason?)

And, is there a good chance I will get impetigo again and again from having taken Accutane?


-A nervous young man

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Mods could we put this somewhere where it can get a bit more attention from the experts on these matters?

It's just an important question for me as I don't want impetigo to become a regular occurrence for me.

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I just stumbled upon your post and lucky for you I've got few research articles that mention the possible reasons why accutane makes you more prone to skin infections. Here's what I found:

Skin fragility during isotretinoin therapy, which is epidermal in nature, is often manifested by traumatic abrasions and erosion, contributing to an increased number of skin infections that are often associated with colonization by Staphylococcus aureus.

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I got impetigo after being on accutane for one week. I'm still on accutane and haven't had it since.

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