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Please Help regimen isn't working.

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ive been on the regiment since late december, following it strictly by the books, (except for one 2 day tournament)

i use : Cetaphil anti-baterial gentle cleansing bar

Dan's BP


Nutrogena oil free moisture for sensative skin

and occassionally

Dan's AHA

Jojoba oil (desert essence)

I get acne on chin, jawline, and outside cheeks, usually not below-the-eye-cheek though.

I ALWAYS do the night routine, due to morning practices i can't do it in the morning, could this be effecting my skin negatively?

I have better skin than i did before the regimen. but i'm not clear. right now i have one underskin thing coming up, one active, and one at a head, so three altogether plus a buncchhh of scarring and hyperpigmentation. I usually have 2 actives now,

My chin is a mess i have like tiny whiteheads underneath my lip, and the skin on my chin has a sort of pink tint to it ;/ plus the normal acne occurances

PS: i've been getting more chestne from neck to my lower peck. they dont come to a head, they're just tiny red/pink dots that are raised.

any help? i'd think i'd be clear by now.

btw im a swimmer.

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Could be that you're only doing it once a day, swimming, etc. It depends on the person. But 2 months isn't very long and I think a lot of people don't see complete clearing until 3 months or more.

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Don't use soap on your face. No matter how "gentle" it claims to be, most of times soaps will do more harm than good on a face. Switch to a gentle liquid cleanser.

If I were you, I'd drop AHA and jojoba oil for a while until you completely clear. I personally wouldn't use AHA or jojoba oil, period.

Try switching your moisturizer and shampoo as well.

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oooh shampu i think is a problem because it drips down my face, back, chest etc.

whats a good one that isn't as bad on my skin as my $1 bottle of White Rain lol?

Whats a good liquid cleanser?

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Why can't you do the regimen after you shower after morning swimming practice? A lot of people (myself included) need to do the regimen twice a day to have consistent results.

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give it longer. it took 4 months for bp to work on my face - and it even got worse before it got better. and i would also recommend twice a day applications. just keep at it. i know where you are at - it sucks to not get immediate results - but it will work if you stick to it.

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I would say part of your problem is in the inconsistency of when you are doing the regimen. It order to be truly effective you need to do the steps twice a day. You should really try to do it after swimming in the morning.

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