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Is it really good for us?

I've been on the regimen for 5 months, with amazing results. I am so much more happy now. But, I've seen posts saying that our skin is getting addicted to BP and after we stop using it our skin will just start going crazy with pimples. Even Dan says when he goes off of BP he still gets pimples. And he's what, like 30? Don't people normally grow out of acne after a certain age? By using BP are we actually helping ourselves, or are we only getting a temporary pleasure and causing our skin to be unable to be healthy on its own?? I'm worried because I dont want to be doing this into my 20's. (I'm 17 right now)

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The only 100% 'cure' for acne is to grow out of it. It is a genetic condition, so if your parents don't have acne now, then you will grow out of it as some point.

The regimen doesn't delay the time it takes for you to grow out of acne. In fact the regimen is extremely good because with no new spots forming, your face can now repair itself without breaking out all the time.

How do you know if you've grown out of acne if you are constantly using Dan's regimen? My advice would be every 2 months, only wash, treat and moisturise once a day and see if you stay clear. Keep reducing the dosage until there is a time when you no longer need BP to stay clear.

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