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Tane Dosage Proportional To Time to See Effects?

Hi guys just started Accutane a week ago but due to the relative mildness of my acne my derma's decided we should try a really low dose for a while. Im on 10 mg a day and I weigh 75 kg. Getting to the point though Ive already started to see some side effects from taking it, such as dry mucus in the nose, slight joint achiness, even less oiliness on my face already! but Ive only been taking this for a week. Even though Im taking such a low dose will my progressive (such as time it takes to get IB, then start getting better, etc) be generally the same as people taking a higher dose, or will every stage take 3x as longer or something? thanks!

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It's hard to say what side effects you will see. You can survey 1,000 people who are the same weight and taking the same dosage and your responses about side effects will range from "eh, no big deal" to "ZOMG DA ACCUTANE DUN RUINED MY LIFE!!111"

Certainly side effects have some correlation to dosage, and the side effects you experience at 10mg / day should be less than what I experience at 80mg / day. Just remember that just because you experience something for a day or two (joint pain, less mucus) doesn't necessarily mean that it has anything to do with the medicine. About 3 weeks ago I had some pretty bad knee pain after a heavy leg workout. I thought it might have been the medicine, but after a couple days off and some stretching it hasn't bother me since.

Also your timetable for results (IB, getting better, etc.) is dependent on the individual. Some people don't break out at all when they start taking it. I did, but 80 mg / day is a sorta high dose. In general, a higher dose will lead to a shorter treatment period. Remember the goal is to get to a range of 120 - 150mg / kg of medicine taken over the course of your treatment. I'm 207 pounds, so it would take me forever on your dose to get there.

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