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Does Accutane consistency matter?

I was prescribed Claravis about 5 months ago in October. Since then I have not taken it with any regularity because of the severity of the drying/peeling. I checked just now and I've gone through around 48 40mg pills over these eight months.

For the first two weeks I took two a day, then I stopped (dryness), quit for about a month while I checked out (what turned out to be) unrelated health problems, got back on it off and on at once a day. So pretty arbitrary.

My doctor says the effect is cumulative but I have only seen my acne get about 20%-35% better. I decided to check it out for myself and seen that many people insist on the regularity of the doses.

I'm taking one a day right now (still 40mg) and just sticking it through. I take it before bed which is between 9:30 and 1:00. I moisturize twice a day (Vaseline) and drink water.

Any help is appreciated. Should I just keep on the once a day or switch to two 20mg doses? Or maybe just take the 40mg twice a day and wear a Guy Fawkes mask...

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Yeah it does matter. One, if your liver is ruptured during month 8 and your derm only prescribed you for 5-6 months, he can lose his medical license because of that. Two, you were put on the course for a reason, if you want to stop because of side affects, you stop, you don't make your own personal course up

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