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Tattoo's and Accutane

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I've been on accutane for about 4 weeks. I wanted to get a black inked tattoo on my ribs. I talked to my tattoo artist and said if it was alright to get, he said it shouldnt matter as long as its not an anti biotic. But i've read some posts on the internet and haven't gotten a clear answer, some people say to wait 5 months after you stop treatment, some people say its fine. I've gotten cuts while i was on accutane and didnt scar. I figure i'd see if anyone has had expierence with this. Thank you

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Sorry to tell ya, but your tattoo artist doesn't know what he's talking about. Slow skin healing and increased scarring increases while on Accutane. It's a major factor and well known. It's even stated in the drug's insert. Please have some patience. A tattoo is forever. So are scars and crappy looking tattoos resulting from getting ink done while on the drug. As you get further along in your course, you'll notice the changes in the skin.

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I want some new tattoos also but when you think about it a tattoo is a scar so there should really be a problem. You tattoo might even turn out better. The colours might be more highlighted instead of fading out.

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Your best bet is to wait, just in case you bleed a lot. I cut my thumb at work last summer while on accutane and it got so bloody and the cut was deep. I bled alot because of accutane

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