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Questions about zinc

Well i'm new so I hope this is the right forum D : A week or two ago i heard about zinc, and I looked it up and started taking it, I take 30 mg in the morning and at night, but I hav questions! Because sometimes and alot withen the last few days, I forget to take it in the morning, and only take one pill. And I think the zinc was helping but I broke out a tiny bit and I think it was partly because I havnt been taking that much, so can u take two pills at night? If I take 60mg a day is it okay to take 2 at night if I forget in the mroning? And I heard you have to take it with food, is that true? What will happen if you don't? I heard you would throw up. Also if I wanted to try to take it three times a day, so that 90mg, how would I know if it was to much? Would I throwup or get a stomach ache? But what if a ate good beofre each pill would that help? Also do you need to wait a sertain amount of time before each pill? I also heard u couldn't take vitamen D because it would absorb it or something, is that true? And is there anything ealse I should know? Please help : D sorry for typos or spelling I'm on my iPod, btw would you recomend anything else for me? Just no birth control

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Wow that was... wow.

Zinc is something that can be really good for acne but if you take too much it can actually make it worse. I think 60mg is enough, the absolute max is 100mg i think but i might be mistaken. If you take 90mg a day probably try to take it in the first half of the day (split it between breakfast and lunch) then take copper at dinner. I really recommend copper if you're taking zinc because too much zinc can throw out your levels of copper. Dont take zinc and copper together, same goes for pretty much and two metal minerals. Read the bottle it came in to see if you need to take it with meals i have many different kinds of zinc some say to take with food others don't. If it doesnt say anything on the bottle try taking it without food and if it makes you feel nauseas than start taking it with meals. It shouldn't make you throw up it never did for me.

That's all the zinc info i can recall for now. Good luck.

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Thanks that was still pretty helpful : ) I didn't see anything on the bottle but I'll look again I probably just missed it. And I never thought about taking copper but I might try I guess. What was wow? I took off a few sentences since I didn't need them, but even then it wasn't that long.

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