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I have less than a week to go and was wandering from anyone else's experience if your acne didn't really really clear up until a few weeks before the course was over. Mine has almost completely disappeared over the past week and a half. I have heard that even up to a month after the last pill is taken that my skin could either continue to clear up or possibly get a little worse again then better. Just wanted to hear other ppl's thoughts on this. :think:

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I'm three months post-accutane. My skin is a lot better than when i first stopped it in December. i can tell the T-zone is getting oilier, but i do have to moisterize some areas...and i didn't really need to while on tane. i still have some side effects, such as, lips still irritated, dry eyes, losing hair (all not as severe as was when i was on the accutane). all the side effects were worth it. haven't had a cyst in a long time, which is a miracle.

good luck - i hope you get better when you stop it

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Sure hope it keeps working because i just took the last pills today and my skin isn't exactly what i want or expected it to be after 5 months of annoying side effects. Guess ill find out soon

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