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My accutane success story


First post on this forum, I have been reading posts sporadically for a couple of years and I just wanted to drop my accutane experience for you guys to read.

I've been suffering from severe acne since I was 17. Since first year of high school I started getting facial acne which by the time I was 20 had developed into severe body and facial acne. I had hundreds of pimples and painful cysts all over my body. my arms, legs, back, face, neck, ass you name it they were there.

One day I had enough and I decided to go see my family doctor who then referred me to a local dermatologist. I was put on a mild acne drug for 4 months at first which helped but after I went off the drug my skin got oily within weeks and the acne started breaking out again. I went back to the doctor and I was put on 40mg of accutane for 2 months. From day one of getting on accutane I changed everything. I stopped eating unhealthy things, I stopped drinking unhealthy things and I stuck to a very simple diet. No soda, no coffee, no juice, no icecream no nothing unhealthy with or without sugar went into my body.

The only things I would eat was vegetables, chicken, tuna, various fish, fruits, nuts, healthy soups along with ALOT of water every day. For the past year I have only been drinking water and nothing else. Just lots of water, I drink a big glass every two hours which amounts to 2-3 liters per day.

I also stopped using any sort of cosmetic products. No hairwax no crazy shampoos no hairgels, promades, skincreams or anything. The only thing I use today is a very mild allergy shampoo without any unhealthy chemicals or perfumes.

Now after 2 month of 40mg accutane I was bumped up to 60mg per day. I suffered the usual symptoms like everyone else. Bloody nose, extremely dry skin, cracking lips etc. Sounds worse than it is but in my opinion it was so much worth it. I felt much better about having dry skin than I did having oily skin, atleast I didn't look like a walking greaseball.

it's now been over 4 months since I got off accutane and my skin is clear as a mirror without any oilyness. I still have scares here and there which I'm getting removed later but right now I'm just happy that my skin is calm without breakouts.

I believe the accutane along with the change of diet and my attitude towards cosmetic products have solved my acne problems completely. I don't know if it will come back again as my doctor here in sweden said that 20% of accutane patients will have returning symptoms after about a year, but I hope that I'm not in that category.

Anyways I've been sticking to the healthy lifestyle that I have been living ever since I went on accutane from day one so I believe that it has helped me along the process. I have had relapses very few days where I would eat a donut or french fries but I doubt a very small bit of unhealthy eating will trigger the acne again.

Anyways this was my success story and I hope it will help others to decide wether or not they want to try out accutane... Personally for me it was the miracle drug that everyone was raving about but it might not be the case for others.

If you're going to try out accutane I suggest you people do it the right way with a prescription. It's not just a mild drug. I had blood tests taken EVERY 2 months and one of the times my liver numbers were off so they had to retake blood 2 weeks after I gave blood. Now I can't imagine what kinda damage I would be able to do if I had just taken the drug without medical supervision but you've all heard the horror stories.

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