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Lazer Hair removal, for Dark Skin

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I am Male early 30s, of E.Indian descent. I got dark brown skin. This is for the face.

What is the safest / most effective / most widely used hair removal Laser for Dark Skin?

I got 1 response in the General Acne subforum that it is the Candela GentleYag Lazer.

Would love to hear from folks with Dark skin who have tried Laser removal and or used the above mentioned Laser .

I need to remove Black normal thickness bear hairs, Black think facial hairs and Peach Fuzz/White facial hairs. I don't want to get rid of my beard, just clean up the beard line so both sides are more or less even and get rid of wayward hairs that grow above the beard line.

Regarding the Peach Fuzz/White hairs. Since Lasers work by targeting pigmentation, is it not possible to get rid of these type of hairs?

Many years ago when I first looked into this and went for Laser hair removal treatment, I read that there was a method whereby charcoal is used to DYE depigmented hairs then Laser is used.

*If anyone knows of Clinics/Doctors who are experienced with and have a good track record for Dark Skin Lazer Hair Removal in the Chicago-Milwaukee area, I would love to know about them.

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