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How to balance hormones naturally?

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So after months of tracking my cycle and my acne....I've noticed a significant correlation between my cycle and when I experience the severe breakouts accompanied by lots of inflammation, redness, and a few cysts. I experience PMS the week before my period....this is when I see the first batch of severe breakouts...the next one comes when I get my period. Basically the day after I conclude my period my face begins to show significant signs of improvement...less overall redness, less inflammation, and thus less breakouts. So my question is how do I get my hormones into balance....as naturally as possible? Thanks for the advice in advance!

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My acne was linked to my hormones, too. I found that food sensitivities were causing huge problems within my body. For example: My melasma mask (a "pregnancy" mask that only shows up when a pregnancy hormone is high) was caused by a yeast sensitivity. I had it 3 years and I've never been pregnant.

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Yes by making your cells vibrate to a higher frequency. Like with sound current meditation.

I doubt there is anything better. Actually one can become aware of their body of light instead of the illusion that the brain perceives as the physical body.

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Blood sugar stabilizing diet habits. Regular quality sleep, exercise and stress management for healthy adrenals and more. Lots of sulfur containing veggies for healthy liver function. Possibly weight loss as hormones are stored in body fat, and enzymes used to convert hormones is produced in body fat. Consume nutrient dense foods high in nutrients good for sleep, mood, blood sugar, hormones. Supplements such as the above mentioned nutrients and some hormone specific ones like chasteberry/vitex.

All the details:


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Hi there,

There's already a thread in the adult acne section, 1st page, called How to treat acne naturally, or similar. There's lotsa replies you may find useful.

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