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Hormonal acne log- Starting the Regimen

Alright- Here's my story. I'm 34 and I've always had mild to moderate acne, but a little over a year ago I got hit with some really, really bad hormonal acne. My dermatologist put me on a lot of stuff, and guess what? It worked. After about a month, I wasn't getting any new acne. Nothing. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. It was only the old stuff healing (THAT took about 9-10 months, seriously. There was some deep rooted things going on there)

This is what I was on:

Minocycline, Spironolactone, Clindamycin, Sulfaset, Differin.

My self esteem skyrocketed. It was amazing knowing what it felt like to have clear skin. To run out of the house with no makeup on. To not worry about going SWIMMING, because everyone was going to see just how terrible my skin was not covered up.

Alright- Cut to now. I've stopped the Minocycline. Really don't like the idea of being on an antibiotic long term, and I had been on it 10 months. Dermatologist said I could go off it when my skin was completely clear and it was. At the same time I started using Nuva Ring. The texture of my skin with the Spiro and BC is really smooth/less oily, but suddenly I'm breaking out again, and I'm terrified. I don't want to go back!

So this week, I'm starting the regimen with the other prescriptions I'm still on. Wish me luck. I will be posting photos of where I've been in my journey shortly.

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I've been doing the regimen for about 3 or 4 days now. Full disclosure- I'm using the .03% Differin at night like BP, but that's the only difference.

My forehead is totally clear, and the skin on my forehead seems really smooth. I had about 4 or 5 deep pimples in a cluster around my mouth when I started. They are still there, but all of them except for one is dried up/flattened out. In fact, the regimen brought most of them to a head within a day or two. That NEVER happens for me. I usually get really deep painful cysts that stick around for a few months. They just keep coming up under each other. So I haven't gotten any new blemishes since starting.

The ones by my mouth look really bad right now, but I can tell they will be gone within a few days. The only problem I'm having is how dry and flakey my face is, and I have been moisturizing like crazy. So it sucks having a big cluster blemish and reptile skin at the same time, but I know it will pass.

Hopefully I will post photos this weekend.

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So the on the side of my mouth is dried up. Still red though, hopefully this will go away quickly since they dried up so fast, which usually isn't the case for me. I have gotten two really big cysts on my chin now. Seems like they are coming to a head- or at least not the really deep, deep version I usually get. Hopefully they will clear quickly. My mouth/chin area looks terrible right now (just like the old days) but I'm encouraged because it seems there is only one really active cyst, and my forehead breakout seemed to heal so quickly.

Little sad because I have a big wedding event next week. Meeting a lot of friends of the boyfriend that I haven't met yet. Before this my skin looked so perfect. bad timing, Sigh...

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